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Pump Pulsation Dampers
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PTFE, Flexflon, Teflon, Diaphragm Pulsation Dampers

Pulsation Dampers with Teflon® or Pulsation Dampers with Teflon or Flexflon Diaphragm"Flexflon" Diaphragms, Chemical & Process Pulse Damping

Low Pressure PTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Dampers
SoG - Low Pressure

Pulsation Damper with PTFE Membrane - Low Pressure FlexOrber - SoG

Recommended 1st step
(understand how units are installed will save you $$) Pulsation Damper Site - Arrow INSTALLATION

Pulsation Damper Site - Up Arrowand below     1,450psi/100Bar   and above Pulsation Damper Site - Down Arrow

Pulsation Dampers Installed Correctly Increase Performance

Volumes: 0.5 in3 / 8 ml through 1,000 in3 / 16.67 Liters
Pressures: 150 psi / 10 Bar through 7,000 psi/ 482 Bar
Connections: 1/8" / 3mm through 6" 2500# / 150mm

PulseGuard Inc. "FlexOrbers" may have LDi ""Flexflon"" diaphragms, in place of micro-porous virgin eidpdnaci Teflon®. Double layer membrane and secondary containment sealing, makes these pressure vessels as safe as Teflon®"sandwich double diaphragm" metering pump heads.

Pulsation Damper PDF Files - PulseGuard Online CatalogPulseGuard.com PDF Catalog Online


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