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Low Pressure Diaphragm Pulsation Dampers

Pulsation Dampers - SoG - Low Pressure - Weights and Dimensions

Dual Use, Stainless with "Flexflon" mptfe Dampers with EPDM/EPor
NITRILE/Buna backing bonded to virgin PTFE, or "Flexflon" MPTFE
Twin connections are inventory items on 25 Bar items and above, if you do not wish to intercept pressure pulsation
by flow through, and have no need to flush before service, then use the extra port for system RV, Drain, or Gauge.

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Due to the instability of metal prices, please call the factory for pulsation damper prices.

NOTES: Pre-Filling, to use any damper rated above 370 Bar / 5,350 psi, at a greater pressure, please specify Pre-Fill Valve Nbr. "M8-M28 f/Ss", for use up to 750 Bar/10,800 psi. Add 98 to the listed price of the damper, and 38mm/1.5" to the length through C/L of the valve.
PART NUMBER LETTERING ABBREVIATIONS: "TW" - Twin Connection, is replaced by "FF - for a single Flange Face at no charge, or by "+ Flg". where an added Flange by welding is required because the flange diameter is larger than the damper; there is a cost for this. "O" denotes "O" ring flange face, and is used with a piping base block for in place flush and pressure pulse interception, for quick release change out without disturbing pipe integrity. Part Number prefix "CE/" is used where pressure times volume, or dangerous nature of the liquid, requires certification within a specific danger class by the EC Pressure Equipment Directive. "U" - denotes use of ASME code, which itself states it is Unsuitable for "snubbers" AKA dampers. "JKT" - specifies Jacketed for temperature control.
WETTED PARTS MATERIAL DESIGNATIONS: Replace the "Ss" in the part nbr. As follows, "DSS" - Duplex Stainless (2205, F-51, UNS S31803), SDSS - Super Duplex (2507, UNS S32750), A20 - Alloy 20, T2 - Titanium 2, H22 - Hasteloy 22, HC 276 - Gr. C276, H2 - Gr B2. Tan - Tantalum.
CONNECTIONS: - "F" - Female, M - Male, B- BSP, N - NPT, TD - Single Thread, W - Weld Prep 37.5 Degree, SO - Socket for pipe. ("NB") - Note Bene - Design Pressure "DP" at temperature, will vary by allowable stress for other than dual certified 316/316L "Ss" material. The end user has the right to specify that DP is MAWP, at their own risk.
DIN 2501 "DN--PN--" flanges may imply the use of European Pressure Vessel codes. Be aware that they use higher allowable working stresses, so may be less safe than our 30 year proven standard, which has ensured no fatigue failure from strain fluctuation in this cyclic stress application.

Pulsation Dampers Installed Correctly Increase Performance

PTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Damper ConnectionsPTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Damper ConnectionsPTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Damper ConnectionsPTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Damper ConnectionsPTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Damper ConnectionsPTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Damper ConnectionsPTFE Diaphragm Pulsation Damper Connections


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