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Pulsation Dampers Sizes - Lobe Pumps / Connections / Part Numbers

Pulsation Damper Part Numbers for Lobe Pumps - in Viscous systems.

Lobe Pump Pulsation Dampers
1. Dampers listed below are from 1000s of "off the shelf" inventory dampers, for preventing pipe systems from converting lobe flow "rumble" into pressure pulsation. Call toll free 1-888-DAMPERS (326-7377) for discounts, etc. Choose a damper matching your pump connection size, for standard damping. Or allow us to calculate for you, from your smoothness required and your system data.
2. As many foods are highly viscous, you may care to first view dampers for that industry. DAMPERS BY INDUSTRY.
3. Before selection consider: Pipe design can stop any damper from performing.
A small damper piped well, is far better than a huge damper piped incorrectly.
A. Dampers must be not more than 12 pipe diameters from the pump. B. Direction changes in the pipe system not tighter than bends with a radius of 5 pipe diameters. C. Keep pipes small enough for them to be dissipative - so they do not become an amplifier. D. Direct all wave action into the damper.

4. Please choose the damper part number from the table , which has the same connection size as your pump.
5. We have made these "pre-engineered" selections for you, on the basis of 40 years experience, and average
application circumstances.
6. Please call us toll-free 1-888-DAMPERS (326-7377) with the part number chosen from the tabulation. We will then
find the current price for you.

Pulsation Damper with Liquid Elastomer Bladder - Low Pressure
Economical - Liquid in elastomer bag, Air in shell. Shorter In to Out dimension than PumpGuard. Higher performance.

Pulsation Damper with PTFE Membrane - Low Pressure FlexOrber
with "Flexflon", & PTFE for those aggressive liquids. Do not loose two thirds of the smoothness performance by being off line on a "T".
Pulsation Damper for Viscous Flow, Slurry, and Semi-Solids - PumpGuard
Where you have 4 to 6 feet available directly on to the pump: An elastomeric "hose" damper for "ram thru." cleaning.
Pulsation Dampers Installed Correctly Increase Performance
PumpGuard Pulsation Damper

4. Where no OSHA requirement for in place flush before service, nor process need for 1st in 1st out, constant temperature, change of liquid pumped, interception of pressure pulsation, or preventing sedimentation; use second connection to save a "T" for RV. PI, or System Drain. 2 connection dampers are standard lowest cost.

PUMPS make FLOW, SYSTEMS cause PRESSURE, pressure pulsation is a system response, AND a system responsibility NOT a pump manufacturers liability.


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