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Pulsation Dampers - Vane Pumps - Standard Installations

How to ensure lowest in place cost and most performance by standard installation methods.

Curing resonant pipe "whine" in vane pump systems.
At 1. Low frequency 2. Medium frequencies 3. High frequencies

2. Please move your mouse over the pump that has your choice of damper type attached to it.
3. When you click on that picture, of materials or damper type, a table of those damper types will appear.

The source of the disturbance, that is magnified into audible pulsation by the pipe system is from "X".
As the vane passes over the end of the port slot, there is a pressure peak from liquid trying to escape.


The higher the frequency, the less important the volume of Nitrogen or air cushion becomes.
Conversely, the most important it is that:-
A). There is a good volume of liquid to deaden the pressure activity.
B). There is nothing close to the inlet, for a transient pressure spike to bounce back from.
C). As a pressure spike explodes through an orifice into a large chamber, it dies away exponentially with distance traveled, so the diameter of the vessel is of prime importance, and should be preferably 8+ times the diameter of the exit hole.
For all the above reasons, out original 1965 gas bag accumulator, The PipeGuard, coped by so many, is totally unsuitable in its single connection form. * * *
Pulsation dampers with no moving parts, and no foam to degrade or clog.
"Maintenance free dampers" An admission that pulsation is acoustic not volumetric.
Ball path Disperser
Guards against pressure waves propagation

By causing the pressure waves to travel down many paths of different lengths, through the ball pack, the instant at which they emerge from the other end of the waveguard, is spread over time.
Spreading the time, base, decreases the pressure height of the pulsation.

* * * How many one connection silencer mufflers, filters, capacitors, have you seen?

Pulsation Dampers Installed Correctly Increase Performance

Pulsation Damper Site - Arrow Click Here for Dampers for your Pump listed by Dimensions & Connection Size

PUMPS make FLOW, SYSTEMS cause PRESSURE, pressure pulsation is a system response, AND a system responsibility NOT a pump manufacturers liability.


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